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Whether you made a one-time mistake or have been previous criminal drug charges or convictions, you must protect your rights to protect your future. First, exercise your right to contact an attorney, and then exercise your right to remain silent.

At Tibble Law Office, P.C. in Kalamazoo, Attorney Gary Tibble offers more than 20 years of aggressive criminal defense for people of all ages, from students to senior citizens. If you or your child has been arrested on criminal drug charges, contact the firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

Aggressive Defense for Criminal Drug Charges

Among of the most widely prosecuted crimes in Michigan are drug and narcotic offenses. The state enforces stiff penalties for conviction on criminal drug charges, such as manufacture, possession and trafficking. Even more stringent are the federal penalties for those convicted of drug crimes involving:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Crack
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription Drugs

The penalties for misdemeanor and felony charges may include large fines and court costs, prison or jail time, probation and/or court costs. Further, having a drug charge combined with a DUI charge can compound penalties. In addition, having a drug charge on a criminal record may impact the opportunities available to a person for college, employment and housing.

Expungement May Be Available

As a defense attorney for criminal drug charges, Gary Tibble understands how confusing the criminal justice system can be - especially for first-time offenders. He works diligently to have charges dismissed or reduced and to plead for diversion instead of conviction. For cases where conviction occurs, expungement may be an option.

From marijuana possession to intent to sell a controlled substance, Attorney Gary Tibble is a strong advocate for those facing criminal drug charges. Contact our office today to discuss your criminal matter with an experienced Kalamazoo criminal defense lawyer who cares about your future.

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