Kalamazoo Driver's License Restoration Lawyer

Michigan Driver's License Restoration

Getting your driving privileges taken away from you can make your life challenging, particularly if transportation is needed for your daily routine.

While it may be hard to get around, one of the biggest mistakes someone with a revoked license can make is driving on a suspended license (DWLS). When you do this, you run the risk of prolonging your suspension period.

At the Tibble Law Office, we want to assist you in taking the appropriate steps toward getting your license back.

Getting Your License Back

Kalamazoo driver's license restoration attorney Gary Tibble can help you get on your way to restoring your license and restoring your life.

With 20 years' experience as a Michigan criminal defense attorney, Gary Tibble will use his knowledge of Michigan's OWI laws to guide you through the license restoration process.

He will assist you with reinstating your driver's license through Michigan's Driver's License Appeal Division (DLAD) by helping you prove the following:

  • You stopped using alcohol
  • You've been sober for a minimum six-month period
  • You completed alcohol therapy
  • You are a member of and regularly attend a recovery group, like Alcoholics Anonymous
  • You can provide testimonials of three individuals to vouch for your sobriety and change in lifestyle due to being alcohol-free

Gary Tibble will represent you and make sure your rights are protected during this process, as well as advise you on your selection of substance abuse counselor and readiness evaluation.

He will also aid in creating a strong application for you, which will make a strong case for your hearing with the hearings officer.

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