Minor in Possession (MIP) in Kalamazoo, Michigan


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Generally, a Minor in Possession citation is given to a person who is under the age of 21 and in possession of alcohol, whether it be in the form of a beverage or a positive BAC (blood alcohol content).

Underage drinking is a common occurrence; so many people take a Minor in Possession citation too lightly. Students often think that because their friend got an MIP, it is not something to worry about.

Although it looks like a speeding ticket, simply paying an MIP fine is ADMITTING GUILT to a misdemeanor offense. This is a CRIMINAL CONVICTION which stays on your record for the rest of your life. This permanent blemish can easily affect your future employment opportunities, affect future insurance rates, and may magnify the effect of future offenses.

Gary Tibble has 20 years of experience as an MIP attorney. He has worked with college students and young people to defend their rights in court.

The State of Michigan has some of the toughest zero-tolerance underage drinking laws in the country.

Since 2004, however, the State of Michigan has allowed first-time offenders the possibility of having no criminal record after a brief probation period if proper counseling and community service is completed.

Getting an MIP is something that can only happen to people under 21. With your entire life ahead of you, don't let an MIP be the one thing to hold you back.

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In addition to a permanent criminal record, an MIP can get you the following maximum penalties:

First Offense:

Second Offense:

Third Offense:

These penalties can be even greater if the defendant has a previous criminal record.

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