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We Fight Aggressively Against Meth Charges

Michigan takes methamphetamine possession and manufacturing very seriously. In fact, various statutes have been put in place to stop the creation and operation of meth labs altogether.

Under state law, anyone who sells, distributes, delivers or furnishes meth to anyone else can be charged with a felony crime. In addition to going on your criminal record, penalties for this type of crime include prison time and expensive fines, depending on the circumstances surrounding the violation.

If you have been accused of manufacturing meth, or have been arrested and charged with meth possession or other related crimes, it is vital that you find a qualified Michigan meth defense lawyer who is willing to aggressively defend your case.

That attorney is Cody Crane of Tibble Law Office, P.C.

Aggressive Representation When You Need It

Because of the severe criminal penalties associated with meth crime convictions in Michigan, it is imperative to seek qualified legal help as soon as possible.

When you contact the Tibble Law Firm, you can expect to receive the full attention and skilled service it will take to help you fight your charges. In order to build a resilient case, Cody Crane will:

  • Examine the circumstances in which the evidence against you was obtained and ensure the police search was not in violation of your constitutional rights
  • Identify if the police search for evidence was performed on you or on your property
  • Distinguish if there was or was not probable cause for your search and arrest
  • File a motion to suppress any evidence found that violated your rights in the seizure process

With his experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Michigan, Cody Crane understands the strict approach the state takes against meth crimes. With the knowledge he’s gained helping residents of Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas facing meth charges, he is confident he can assist you with your situation and help protect your future.

Need Meth Charge Help? Contact Us Today

Have you been charged with using, selling or manufacturing meth in Michigan? Call Tibble Law Office, P.C., today at 269-383-6000 or contact us online. We offer phone consultations Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.