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Speak To An Attorney About Fighting Repeat Offenses

If you have just been charged with your second operating while intoxicated (OWI) offense, you need qualified legal assistance from attorney Cody Crane.

When you enter a guilty plea for your second OWI conviction in Michigan, you will be faced with losing all driving privileges for a minimum of a year. Because this and other penalties associated with an OWI second offense are more serious than those of an initial OWI conviction, it is important that you seek legal help as soon as possible.

At the Tibble Law Office PC, we can help you lessen the impact of your second offense by either reducing or dismissing the charge and the negative repercussions involved.

Protecting Your Rights in Court

Cody Crane has helped residents of southwest Michigan facing their second OWI charge understand their legal options.

Though a skilled litigator who is willing to aggressively defend your case in court, attorney Crane has also aided in plea agreement negotiations and has achieved favorable outcomes for his clients. He also helps clients clear charges from their records.

The sooner you contact Cody Crane, the quicker you can collaborate with him and lessen the consequences of your second OWI charge. Contact the Tibble Law Office PC, today.

He may be able to challenge the charge if there were any discrepancies with police activity, a lack of probable cause, or if you were not made aware of your rights when given your blood alcohol content (BAC) test.

OWI: Third Offense

If you have been charged with your third OWI, you need to contact Michigan drunk driving defense lawyer Cody Crane as soon as possible.

You face serious consequences, including felony conviction and prison time, not to mention the loss of driving privileges and multiple fees and fines.

However, attorney Crane may be able to reduce the penalties associated with your third OWI or even avoid conviction if you contact him before you enter your plea.

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