Suspended/Restricted Driver's License Attorneys in Kalamazoo, Michigan

When Can A License Be Suspended?

Maybe it’s happened to you: You moved from Michigan to a different state. When you went to renew your driver’s license, you found that it was suspended/restricted.

This is just one common scenario, but there are several causes that can lead you to a suspended/restricted license, including:

  • Criminal offenses such as driving on a suspended/expired license, drug crimes, probation violations, etc.
  • OWI
  • Refusing or failing a blood alcohol content (BAC) breath or blood test
  • Traffic violations that result in excessive points on your driving record, including speeding, careless driving, toll violations, etc.

Regardless of the reason why your license has been suspended or restricted, you’ll need a knowledgeable Michigan license suspension attorney like Cody Crane to help you fight to get it back.

Get Back Your License

Cody Crane understands the laws and processes involved in restoring a suspended or restricted license in Michigan.

Residents of Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas have benefited from his knowledge, and have recovered their licenses with his legal guidance.

Michigan restricted license lawyer Cody Crane will:

  • Help you understand the reason for your suspension/restriction
  • Create a plan to get your Michigan driver’s license suspension/restriction lifted, no matter if you live in Michigan or recently moved to a different state
  • Assist you in obtaining a medical statement for evaluation by the Department of State, if your license was indefinitely suspended due to a medical reason
  • Answer questions about your license suspension/restriction, and make sure your rights are protected

Cody Crane can help you lift a suspension or restriction on your Michigan driver’s license that resulted from both criminal offenses and civil infractions.

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