Mortgage & Foreclosure Assistance Attorney in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage or property taxes? Is home foreclosure threatening your future? Are you faced with forfeiture of your land contract? You need to contact a real estate lawyer right away.

I can help you navigate the pitfalls of a Michigan mortgage foreclosure or the land contract forfeiture process. At Tibble Law Office PC, I have decades of experience successfully handling real estate issues. Contact me today for a consultation to discuss your real estate concerns.

Let Me Negotiate on Your Behalf

Facing foreclosure of your home is stressful and complicated. The most important thing you can do when facing legal issues is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more options you will have. Many people don’t realize that even after the sheriff’s sale options remain to retain the property.

I will sit down with you and explain clearly how the foreclosure or forfeiture process works in Michigan. He will help you file any necessary paperwork and will develop an action plan to assist you. I will serve as your advocate when negotiating with your lender.

Don’t Wait to Contact My Office

Many homeowners have heard that the foreclosure process in Michigan can take over a year’s time from start to eviction. Unfortunately, many people often procrastinate and wait too long to get the help they need.

If you are seeking help with a real estate issue, call Tibble Law Office PC in Kalamazoo, Michigan, today or contact me online.