Put A Top-Notch Attorney On Your Side

Home Is Where The Mortgage Is

For most of us, our homes are our most valuable asset and our biggest investment. I’m attorney Gary Tibble, and I will help you protect that investment from the initial purchase agreement to the final title transfer. While you can buy a home without the input of an attorney, real estate transactions can be complex and involve a great deal of money; it pays to have a knowledgeable ally working for your interests in case complications arise.

I have spent 30 years taking the stress out of real estate transactions for my clients. I can help both buyers and sellers avoid problems before they happen by negotiating and inspecting purchase agreements. Especially for first-time home buyers, signing the reams of closing documents can seem daunting. At Tibble Law Office, P.C., I will review those documents, advise you of any possible problems and make sure your rights are represented. I will even attend your closing in the event of any last-minute developments.

Don’t Let Your Home Turn Into A Money Pit

Whether you are buying your first starter home or moving up to the home of your dreams, it is disappointing and aggravating to have to deal with problems like construction delays, faulty materials, mold or contractor liens. An experienced real estate attorney can help you obtain compensation when problems like these arise. Your builder or the person you bought your house from may try to dissuade you from engaging an attorney to pursue your case. But they are trying to protect themselves, and you need someone looking out for you.

Unfortunately, foreclosure is a dilemma faced by many homeowners who are unable to make their monthly mortgage payments, often due to circumstances beyond their control like the loss of a job or major medical bills. If you are dealing with a mortgage foreclosure, I can step in and negotiate with your lender for more favorable terms. While you may not be able to stop the process, you do have options such as loan modification or a short sale.

I Will Protect Your Biggest Investment

Whatever your real estate issue, contact me at 269-775-5145 for a consultation. I have helped homeowners in southwestern Michigan with a variety of real estate issues, and I will put that experience to work for you at Tibble Law Office.