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Estate Planning &
Probate Attorney in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Gary E. Tibble

Attorney at Law

If you’re creating an estate plan, navigating probate, or working through a real estate transaction, I'm ready to help you work toward your ideal result. Reach out for a free phone consultation today to learn more about my services in Kalamazoo. My firm is focused on you—your needs, your goals, your future. I aim to simplify the legal process so you can work toward your desired outcome with as few frustrations as possible. Since 1990, Gary has been helping individuals and families navigate matters of estate planning and real estate. His ultimate goal is to set you up for success, whether you’re buying your dream home or planning for the future of your assets.


Taking the Burden
Off of Your Shoulders

I am here for my clients when they need me. If you have questions or concerns as I work through your case, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will seek the answers you need or provide reassurance.

Estate planning, probate, and real estate laws can be incredibly complicated and may oftentimes seem overwhelming. That's why I provide reliable guidance and insight that can help you seek the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

If you or someone you know is looking for reliable legal guidance when it comes to estate planning or probate, contact my firm today in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a free phone consultation.

Preparing For Your Future

When deciding on where you would like your assets to go in the future, I am here to help you create a plan that is tailor-made for your needs. Whether you wish to create a will or trust, I will guide you.

Making Probate Simple

The probate process can be a very overwhelming and complicated one. At Tibble Law Office PC, I hope to lead you through a stress-free process with as little court interference as possible.

Families Come First

I've been proudly serving the Kalamazoo, Michigan area for over 30 years. I am dedicated to providing sound legal representation when dealing with areas as difficult as estate planning and probate.

I Am Here to Guide You

I strive to create an environment in which you feel comfortable, confident, and understood. By putting myself in your shoes, I am better able to see the issue at hand from your perspective.


Hear from
Some of My Clients

Tell Me Your Story. I'll Listen.

I understand that entrusting an attorney with your property or your future can be incredibly difficult. At Tibble Law Office PC, I aim to give you peace of mind and show you that, with our exceptional legal professionals on your side, you’re in good hands.

Craft an Estate Plan That Suits You

I help my clients create thorough estate plans that take even the smallest details into account. Making mistakes as you plan for the future can complicate probate for your loved ones down the line, so put an experienced attorney at the helm. I aim to help you maintain a forward-thinking approach through the process.

Serving Southwest Michigan Since 1991

Don’t wait to get the guidance you need. Reach out to Tibble Law Office PC in Kalamazoo today to start moving forward. I proudly serve the needs of those located in Portage, Battle Creek, Plainwell, Vicksburg, and the surrounding areas of Southwest Michigan.