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Estate Planning For All Stages Of Life

Estate planning is more than just planning for the end of your life. It can help protect your property and family during your lifetime. Gary Tibble is ready to help you get your affairs in order.

Regardless of your age, family status, or the size of your estate, you should plan for the future to protect end-of-life medical wishes, eliminate the probate process, avoid tax burdens, and simplify property distribution.

At Tibble Law Office, P.C., we want to help you create a personalized plan that meets your needs and provides protection for both you and your loved ones. Attorney Gary Tibble has 30 years of experience in estate planning and Michigan probate law and has helped residents of Southwest Michigan ensure that their final wishes are granted.

Do You Need a Will or Trust?

Choosing a Will or Trust depends on your estate planning goals. Let Attorney Tibble guide you through this decision to create a personalized estate plan suited to your needs. There are several key differences between Wills and Trusts, for instance:

Privacy: A Will is a public document, but a Trust is private and not accessible through probate court.

Distribution: A Trust can restrict the dates of the distribution of assets, since it may not be a good idea to give an 18 year old a large amount of money, which is what would happen with a Will.

Probate Court: Willed assets of the deceased often require a probate court filing; however, Trust assets do not.

Minor Children: A Will, unlike a Trust, can state your preference for the proper guardian of your minor children.

The Importance of a Power of Attorney

Attorney Gary Tibble will also provide legal guidance regarding your selection of a power of attorney. By appointing a family member or trusted individual to make vital medical and financial decisions on your behalf, you can avoid a costly and lengthy probate court process.

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